Polish Freediver - athlete and International Instructor of the Apnea Academy - a Freediving School run by the legendary Umberto Pelizzari.

With many years of training as a professional swimmer, Agnieszka has a natural elegance and freedom of movement in water which she intends to pass on to her students. Being nominated by the "god" of freediving is something that gives her real pride.
Below is Agnieszka’s story in few words.

Agnieszka was first seen freediving in lake 'Powidzkie' during the third edition of the Women Freediving Weekend (III Zlot Freediverek) in 2012, since then she takes every opportunity to dive. Agnieszka has spent a large portion of her life in the pool, she attended swimming classes as a young girl and by the time she reached the 4th grade of elementary school she had won her first medal having competing in the National Swimming Championships of Poland. Agnieszka didn't stop there. Each event she took part in often lead to a new medal; sometimes bronze, sometimes silver but most often the most precious gold. When asked 'how many medals have you won?' Agnieszka modestly replies; 'A few', however somebody who is more persistant finally hears; 'I can't remember exactly, maybe around 6 kilos worth’. Agnieszka has represented Poland in many international events during her long swimming career. She considers her greatest swimming achievements to include participation in the European Youth Olympic Days in Murcia 2001 and the European Junior Championships in Glasgow 2003, where she advanced to the finals and semi-finals, respectively, in several freestyle events.

In December 2012, Agnieszka took part in qualifiers for a place on the national team to take part in two competitions in the World Championships in Freediving, DNF and DYN, by June 2013 she was representing Poland at the event in Belgrade. This was Agnieszka’s first appearance in such a prestigious group, the participants of the event were among others: Natalia Molchanova, William Trubridge, Goran Colak, Alexey Molchanov. The results she had achieved in the qualifying competition, DYN, brought her the opportunity to compte during the finals. During a competition in Serbia, Agnieszka brought home 15th place and a wealth of valuable experience obtained fromcompeting alongside the major stars and champions of the freediving world.

In 2013 happened one of the most emotional parts of Agnieszka’s career - a two-week stay at the Red Sea as it enabled her to take her first plunge into the sea. During the next visit and deep trainings, she was able to immerse totally in this blue world. Few weeks she has spent in the Red Sea was enoguh to make a decision and particpate in the International Apnea Academy Instructor Course in Sharm El Sheikh in May of 2014. The meeting, with freedivers from 22 countries of the world, and under the guidance of Umberto was a remarkable experience and a great opportunity to acquire valuable skills.

In 2014 performances in several competitions gave Agnieszka qualification for the next AIDA Pool World Championships that took place again in Belgrade in June 2015. This time, the Association of Freediving Poland granted a nomination in all three pool disciplines of freediving (DYN, DNF STA). In Belgrade Agnieszka has achieved the qualifying results promoting her to the finals. She was a winner of DYN and STA finals B taking two 9th places, and 14th in DNF. During the Freediving Finnish Open in Turku on 3rd April 2016 she has set the new National Record of Poland of 205m in the DYN. Whilst participating in the AIDA Pool World Championships 2016 in Turku, she improved her DNF PB to 150m taking 13th place and in STA 12th place.

Since July 2014, Agnieszka has been training under the supervision of Mike Maric who has, together with Luca Marazzina and the other members of the Swim Like a Dolphin Team, lead her in a professional training program as a freediving athlete. Besides swimming and freediving Agnieszka likes most other water sports and even makes use of water when it is frozen to do more sports. Her other passion, working in an advertising agency, where Agnieszka gains a sense of great satisfaction from performing seemingly impossible tasks as a Head of Expo Department, has been overriden buy the the force that drew her into the water. In 2015 she has quitted the office job, to dedicate all her energy to expend the freediving comunity in Poland and to start her own Freediving and Swimming school - FREEBODY.

OFICIAL "Personal Best" of AGNIESZKA


DYN 205m - Freediving Finnish Open, Turku, April 2016 -> WATCH THE MOVIE
DNF 150m - AIDA World Pool Championships, Turku, June 2016
STA 6:01,00 - AIDA World Pool Championships, Belgrade, June 2015

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50m freestyle - 0:26,76, 100m freestyle - 0:57,73, 200m freestyle - 2:03,66, 400m freestyle - 4:23,17, 800m freestyle - 9:11,82